President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time flies

Just an apology to those that follow Elder Eppich on his blog. His mother has gotten so behind in posting his letters. He is doing awesome and looks forward to seeing everyone when he has finished his mission.

May 1, 2011

Hey! Mom & Dad;

Man, a year ago I would of never thought it would be this hard to keep up with this letter writing, LOL! I am trying my "best" to get er'done. :) I wrote Lexi, Taylor, Kacie and Laurin. They should all have their letters by now. If they don't I don't know what to tell you. I am still working on a huge pile on my night stand. We have been so swamped with work that I get in at night and crash then p-days are so full it seems. Hope everyone understands.

So, I don't know if I could have a better Mother's Day than this one even though it is for Mom's. The reason way, I get to call home which I can't wait for. It seems like I just talked to ya'll yesterday. But that is good because that means we have been very busy in the Lubbock Mission. The next best reason is that we are having a baptism this Mother's Day weekend. On Saturday. I am so stoked. This girl is so tight. Her name is Jolisa Carter , she is 18. she is really excited to get baptized. We are also teaching this other family. There is a Mom and 2 daughters, they are pretty tight. They are from the Evangelical Church. They are coming along slow but still they are making progress. Then we have this other lady named Denice. She is cool. Her boyfriend left her for some other girl and they had a 7 year old and another one on the way. She is thinking about abortion. We are going to be having a good lesson about the plan of Salvation tonight. I hope it goes well. Well that is about it for our investigators. We work hard at finding more. It is funny, here in Texas when we walk down the streets the some families will hurry and get their kids to come in the house from playing and shut the doors and close the curtains. Then as we walk by you can see them peeking out the curtains and we just smile and wave to them. A lot of people think we are the FBI, that is kind of funny also to watch people hurry and put on seat belts and worry that we are the law and going to stop them. I get a kick out of that one. I love serving in Protales, New Mexico. People here are so humble and teachable. We are fed way to much food but we enjoy it. The winds have been so bad. We try to ride bikes in 60 mph winds, there was one day that I almost hit a parked car because the wind was blowing so bad and dirt blowing I couldn't see. Windy season will be over in May , so they tell us. My legs get great exercise. Things are great here, it is wonderful to see the work of the Lord move forward. It will move forward with or without us. I am so glad to be on the Lord's team. It has been a huge blessing in my life and I have seen it change the lives of many here in the Lubbock mission. I am thankful for this opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father these 2 years. We are so busy and I like it that way. Take Care! I love ya'll. Love Elder Eppich