President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sweet Week!

Dear Dad;
My week has been so sweet, it has flown by, it is so crazy how fast time goes when you are so busy. I can't believe it, lol. This week has started out pretty sweet because we got a new investigator on Saturday and he came to church and loved it. The topic at church was the priesthood. Right after that he was like, what's the preisthood? We sat down and we had a lesson with him. The lesson was so spiritual. It made me think back about all those times that I had questions and struggled with my testimony. Time that I choose to repent for wrongdoings. This guy asked half way through the lesson if God really does forgive sins. That question gave me an opportunity to bear my testimony of forgiveness to him. That God really does forgive us of things because He loves us very much, so he sent His only begotten Son down here just for me, that I have that path, that guidance, that road to Eternal life, the opportunity to live with my Father in Heaven, to live with the coolest family forever, even after this life. It is so amazing, and the plan is so simple we just have to follow in our Older Brothers footsteps, because He has lead the way and it is up to us weather we want to rise up to the challenge and follow Christ. It was so awesome, then we were able to give him a Book of Mormon at the end of the lesson. We found out that he has been reading about 50 pages each day. I was so stoked about that. Then on Tuesday we had another lesson with him, it went so good. I loved it, it was another spiritual lesson, at the end of that lesson he said that he felt like this is the right thing to do that it just feels so right. We set a date with him for the 4th of Septmber. I am so excited I can't wait until next Saturday, it is going to be so legit. Anyways I am way excited for y'all now that y'all are going to the gym, y'all getting in shape for the cruise that y'all are going to be going on. Where are you going to be going? So, Dad I have been working on the things that you mentioned about my companion. We had our struggles for about a week and we were able to get things worked out. We carry the spirit fully when we are both on the same page. Sometimes it is hard to overlook somethings but I am sure it is the same for my companion at times also. We are doing good. I am not able to work out much. My comp really dosen't like to do much. Not even ride the bikes like we are supposed to. I try to get him to get up early to go run etc. No go! I am working on just motivitating myself. I have gained muscle in my legs from bike riding, I haven't gained any weight since I have been on my mission. OH! You guys remember Mark. Daniel's friend. He told Daniel that he is thinking about coming back and wants to know if it is to late to start where we left off. I was way stoked when I heard that. Well I love you lots Dad, hope everything is going good.

Love Elder Eppich

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Family

Well, things are going pretty good here. We just got done with transfers. I had to take Elder Thompson to Odessa and pick up my new comp. His name is Elder Pentecos. He is a really big guy, probably about 300 lbs. He seems like a pretty cool guy. Well, transfers are not my favorite time of the mission. I get really, really nervous for some reason. The nervousness goes away with in a week or so. So that is a good thing. As I get older in the mission I am sure I will be cool with transfers. I am very happy to be in Alpine still. I have a feeling I won't be in here much longer though. Yes! I have air conditioning here. If I didn't I would go nuts. You have to have AC in Texas or you would die, Ha Ha. Oh! So last week we went to Terriangua, Texas. It is in the middle of nowhere, lol. Wow! It is kind of scary out there. It is kind of a ghost town, alot of houses but no one lives in them. I think it is haunted. lol. That story about Kel is way funny. I sure would love to hear from that guy. Could y'all tell him that, thanks. It is pretty crazy how time fly's. August is almost over. That was a funny story about Lexi and Alex getting left in the middle of the lake at the cabin. I could totally see that happening. I bet Alex was way scared. Did he go back out in the lake and tube after that? That cabin is my favorite place in the world to be. I can't believe that many people got sick at the reunion. Not good! That is awesome that Eric Kohen had their first baby, tell them hi for me.
About Elder Reay, I think that would be so awesome to serve with him. I will have to put a bug in Presidents ear. We would get so much work done together. Just to let you know, me and Elder Thompson were just starting to really jell and he got transfered. He will do good where he went, he is a hard worker. Mom it would be ok for you to write to the Ellises. They are a great family. Ray Ellis is a good guy. They are great members of the branch. Well Ray is not a member, just the kids and Sister Ellis. My shirts are great Mom, I really like the ones that you sent but I am just fine with the rest, don't worry about them. I hear that I may need a winter coat. I don't know weather to have you send one or not. We will see. Hey! Don't worry Mom my apartment stays really clean. I am keeping good care of things. Our investigators are doing great. They are all such awesome people. Michael Green has made some different decisions, so we will meet with him one more time. Daniel's grandma loves us to come around and serve her, we have to be careful though. She loves us. Megan Poatright is coming along good, she has been reading a lot but we haven't been able to see her for about a week. Everything else is coming along good. I still love this area a lot. I have some big goals before I leave here so that is what we are working on. My comp is a great guy. The heat is kind of tough on him, especially when we ride bikes but he keeps going. I had better go. I love y'all lots. I miss y'all very much. I am still waiting for the pictures from the family reunion. Gotta Go! I am out like a trout! Lol!
Love Elder Eppich

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elder Rymer & Elder Eppich enjoying some
scenery in the countryside of Alpine, TX.

Transfer Day! Nate going to Alpine, Texas.

August 12, 2010 New Companion

Hey! Dad & Mom;

Well; we went to Odessa the other day and it was so stinking hot! It is about 95 here so not to bad. My comp went to Lubbock to serve so I am staying in Alpine. I was so happy to hear those words. My new comp is Elder Pentacoast, something like that. He is from Logan Utah. He is a big guy about 300 lbs. Bigger than I used to be. He is pretty quiet but I will fix that. He dosen't know his lessons to well so we have some work to do and this will help me to be better than I am.
Mom I know that you don't think I say much, at the first of my mission when I would get nervous I would clam up but now , when I get nervous I talk through things so I am pretty sure I can be annoying because I don't shut-up. We will get along good I think. Yes! I am keeping my apartment very clean. Don't know about white glove clean but tidy. Helps when you don't have much to take care of. Some exciting news, we got Ray Ellis to come to church. That was the highlight of our week. His 2 boys had talks so he came. It was great. Love that family. We have some other things going as far as investigators go, so everyone is doing great. I am so thankful for the plan of Salvation and even though my mission is so hard for me at times I am so gratful that I made the decision to come out and give the Lord 2 years of my life and serve his children of Texas. I have learned so much and my testimony has grown so much. Sometimes I wonder how these changes happen like they do but I am so thankful for them. I am so thankful for my family and all that you have taught me. I hope I can raise a family like mine someday. We don't have much planned for p-day today. We do have some lessons tonight. The Ellises got me a wood bat so we are going to have a homerun durby today with some kids. That will be fun. School will start here next week , so those boys will be busy. Everything else is going great. My comp says that his mission is just flying by for him. I am not at that stage yet, but I am sure I will. I know the blessings I am receiving and that my family is receiving with me being out and I like that.
I have had some contact with Morgan. Sounds like he is doing great. Ball will be starting for him. Hope you can get to some of his games. I like hearing from those guys. Tell him Hi for me, I know he likes to come over to visit. Well I had better get, my time on this computer is up and we need to obey that rule. You have a great day! Love letters Mom!
Take Care! Love Elder Eppich

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear Mom & Dad

Hey! Mom;
It is pretty crazy, here we are another p-day and writing another letter. It goes pretty fast for me for the most part, the days are like weeks and the weeks are like days. Some days go pretty slow but I have realized the farther you get into your mission the faster it goes. There are days that I am just so tired that it would be tempting to stay in and days that I just don't want to get on that bike. Somedays you never think the mission is going to end, but then you have some awesome experiences that re-charge you and it just flys by and the mission is going so fast it is crazy. There are days for all of us missionaries that you want to quit and go home and see your family and friends. I have found a quote that I really love, I will share it with you when I write you a letter. I read it everyday and it gets my day going. I love letters Mom, it is so great to go to the mail and have something in there for you. Did you enjoy the Temple. I really miss going. We have not been able to attend the Temple since I was in the MTC, I miss going. Look forward to when I can go again. We are 5 hours away from the Temple. How is Grandpa's back been doing? I still haven't gotten a letter from them since I have been in the mission. Would love to hear from them. Can you believe that summer is almost over. The college kids are arriving and will start up in about 2 and half weeks. Sports is starting up here also but their football team isn't very good. Most people here chase cows around and rope them. My comp is doing good. We are looking at a transfer for one of us this next week so I will let you know. Not real sure yet who is going where. Elder Reay is such an awesome missionary. I really like that guy, we are way good friends and we haven't even know each other very long. I think he is still up in his same area up north. Dad I can't believe that you haven't planned a fishing trip this summer. What is up with that? You better have some planned when I get home.
So Kacie is the big 25 on Monday? I know she used to always remind everyone when her birthday was I would think she would want to be quiet because she is getting so old, lol. Just kidding. How are bids going Dad? Yes! Dad that family that we did service for, we actually had a lesson with her last night. We watched the restoration, she wanted to know more about Joseph Smith. She says everytime that we come over there she can feel this peaceful feeling and that would be the Spirit testifying to her of truths. I have a testimony of service. I know when you serve someone they can see the love you have for them. It is such an amazing feeling. Well I had better get going. I hope all the family is well. I am doing great! Take Care
Love Elder Eppich

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nate is quite the inventive cook.

We used to eat these things at home all the time but we used toothpicks. Nate found another way to keep his hotdogs in the bread. Dental floss!

City of Alpine, Texas- Approx. 6,000 people

The 4 yr college there brings in about 20,000 students.

Rain in Texas- Hard to ride bikes in.

This is a typical rain storm in Texas.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Catching up on letters

Hey Mom;
Well sorry that my e-mail wan't very long. I didn't have much time because I was e-mailing y'all back. Sounds like you have been pretty busy with your calling. I am sure you are enjoying it.
As far as the 24th of July. Our Branch did some pretty fun stuff. We all went over to the Branch Presidents house. We had a B-BQ. It was pretty fun. We also played an intense game of basketball and football in the rain. We had lots of fun but we got pretty dirty, lol. In this area they don't do a whole lot of pioneer stuff. I think they are loosing the Pioneer spirit in alot of places, it's not good. We need to recognize the people that established this area. Mom that was pretty awesome that you invited the past presidency of the Relief Society in to give them a special gift. I am sure they appreciated it. Who was the past presidency anyway?
OK! Did Dad really ask the hometeachers to mend his socks and ask for a meal? Lol! That is way awesome, I laughed so hard when I heard that. I am sure you are taking good care of Dad.
Mom, you know I have been studying and learning alot about charity. It is an amazing gift. A great example of charity is Christ. That is the best way to honor Him and serve is to have charity. I have a great experience about serving and charity. This past week we were with Daniel, the guy we baptized. He lives with his Grandma, she is Catholic and was very angry and upset that he got baptized. We went over to their house and we spent the day and did alot of service for her, fixing things and helping her around the place.Daniel said that after we left his Grandma started to cry. She felt the spirit so strong while we were there and that we were not bad people and that Daniel didn't make a bad choice. Sometimes people hear things about us and don't understand and just form opinions on their own and don't ask us. She told Daniel that she would like to learn more about what we have to share. Just by loving her and serving her we were able to soften her heart about us and Daniel's choice. It taught me alot. That has strengthened my testimony of service. It is so amazing how the smallest things can change someones mind.
How are you doing trying to get to know the lady next door? I bet it is going to take some time. I know she has not been very friendly. I wish you good luck. You better hurry because you may not be there a whole lot longer. It is true that the pure love of Christ and just loving unconditionally can sand off the rough edges of anything. So you got a letter from Elder Reay? I miss that kid so much. I haven't seen him since I got to Texas. Have you talked to his mom lately? I wrote her a letter. His family is way tight. I can't wait to meet them. We do get to call other Elders. I will get some pictures with the Ellis family. I will get that done. Great family! Oh! Mom don't worry I do know how to skip rocks. The reason we were skipping big rocks is because me and Rymer wanted to see who can skip a big on the farthest. Of course I won, lol. Oh! Yes! I had to try the shock collar or the rest of the guys would of calledme a pansy, lol. It hurt! Not again! One of the members is a police officer. It was pretty funny. I did hear that Kacie's friend from Midland came to visit her. That's pretty cool. Maby I will get to meet him sometime while I am here. Well I will tell you a little bit about our investigators. Michael Green is a single parent, he has a 6 year old daughter, he is great and coming along great likes having us come. He is pretty good friends with the Pastor of the Cowboy church so he will have to make some decisions. He is a great guy and we enjoy visiting with him. Ray Ellis is awesome. We read the scriptures with him every night. We are just trying to get him to come with us and his family to church. This is the family that watches out for us alot. Great family. We have Mark and he will be getting baptized on the 7th, he is a friend of Daniel's.
Well mom, I am all good with the homesickness now. It was so hard at first. I am not as homesick as I was before, I love my mission and love the people of Alpine, Texas. They are awesome. Well got to get going. Mom, I love the fitted shirts, don't worry Mom I am keeping the bike tires on the ground now, I hated staying in the apartment and so did my comp so I will be laying low from now on. Learned my lesson.
Love ya so much. Love Elder Eppich

July Almost over

Hey, Mom & Dad;

Well this isn't going to be all that long because I have been talking with ya'all already. Things are going pretty good here. We have been tearing it up lately, my comp and I are leading the District as the youngest companionship, so that is pretty cool, and we are loving it. We do have a baptism coming up on the 7th of August. I can't hardly wait for that I am way stoked. A week ago we went to Odessa, Texas to have interviews. Then we had to stop by Stockton to pick up some Elders there. Long trip but fun. Yes Mom, that Elder that plays amazing piano is in my district. Do I wish I would of listened and learned to play, YES! That guys name is Elder Sharp, he is way tight, it would be way fun to serve with him. Well it has been really hot here and really hummid. I don't like it at all, lol. I am surviving though. Well I had better get going, I will write a hand written letter since I have been talking to ya'all and can't get your questions answered. It was hard not to think about ya'all being at the cabin without me but I dealed with it ok. Do send some pictures but not to many. Love ya'all lots. Can't wait to hear from you again. Love Elder Eppich.

Letter June 17th

Dear Mom & Dad;
Sorry I wasn't able to write much. I didn't have much time so I thought I would hand write a letter to you. It is so hard to keep up on the letters, I have so many to write and not enough time but I am finding time. Well to start off I will tell you a few experiences. The other day we had an investigator take us to a minor league ball game, we had permission and we also taught a lesson there. I was so excited. I got to go see the best sport in the world and do the Lord's work at the same time. On Tuesday we had a district meeting and when one of the Elder's there were telling a story he got so excited he jumped out of his chair and when he sat back down he broke his chair and fell over backwards. You know us boys, we laughed so hard we were crying. This was kind of a big guy and after we could see he was ok we all busted up laughing. So was he. Mom, Dad, Daniel is the most amazing guy in the world. He is a former youth pastor . The lessons that we have with him are always so spiritual. I just love it. It is always so amazing because he is trying to get him Mother to listen to us. I learn so much for such amazing people everyday. Yesterday, we were teaching a lesson and I was so nervous, so I said a little prayer before in my head. Halfway through the lesson words just starting coming out of my mouth. It was amazing. I knew it was the Lord helping me and the spirit was so strong. I have such a testimony of prayer and that it can help us we just have to talk to our Father in Heaven, he will answer us. Well it is pretty sweet here in Alpine. Except it is so stinkin hot. We have been riding out bikes about 3 times a week. It has been about 100 degrees. Humidity stinks too! But! I love it here. There are so many amazing cool people here. You know, we teach people to pray to God and ask Him for what they need no matter if they think it is dumb or a question they might think is silly. Just PRAY. I love prayer. Well I had better go. I never hear from Tia and the kids. Love you all so much. Love Elder Eppich