President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12, 2010 New Companion

Hey! Dad & Mom;

Well; we went to Odessa the other day and it was so stinking hot! It is about 95 here so not to bad. My comp went to Lubbock to serve so I am staying in Alpine. I was so happy to hear those words. My new comp is Elder Pentacoast, something like that. He is from Logan Utah. He is a big guy about 300 lbs. Bigger than I used to be. He is pretty quiet but I will fix that. He dosen't know his lessons to well so we have some work to do and this will help me to be better than I am.
Mom I know that you don't think I say much, at the first of my mission when I would get nervous I would clam up but now , when I get nervous I talk through things so I am pretty sure I can be annoying because I don't shut-up. We will get along good I think. Yes! I am keeping my apartment very clean. Don't know about white glove clean but tidy. Helps when you don't have much to take care of. Some exciting news, we got Ray Ellis to come to church. That was the highlight of our week. His 2 boys had talks so he came. It was great. Love that family. We have some other things going as far as investigators go, so everyone is doing great. I am so thankful for the plan of Salvation and even though my mission is so hard for me at times I am so gratful that I made the decision to come out and give the Lord 2 years of my life and serve his children of Texas. I have learned so much and my testimony has grown so much. Sometimes I wonder how these changes happen like they do but I am so thankful for them. I am so thankful for my family and all that you have taught me. I hope I can raise a family like mine someday. We don't have much planned for p-day today. We do have some lessons tonight. The Ellises got me a wood bat so we are going to have a homerun durby today with some kids. That will be fun. School will start here next week , so those boys will be busy. Everything else is going great. My comp says that his mission is just flying by for him. I am not at that stage yet, but I am sure I will. I know the blessings I am receiving and that my family is receiving with me being out and I like that.
I have had some contact with Morgan. Sounds like he is doing great. Ball will be starting for him. Hope you can get to some of his games. I like hearing from those guys. Tell him Hi for me, I know he likes to come over to visit. Well I had better get, my time on this computer is up and we need to obey that rule. You have a great day! Love letters Mom!
Take Care! Love Elder Eppich

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