President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last Days with Elder Rymer

Hey: Dad & Mom;

Sorry to hear that your not feeling well Mom. It is not good that your head hurts as much as it used to along time ago. I am really sorry because I remember those days. Most of those headaches probably came from me. LOL. Really, you and Dad have been working out lately? That's way cool. How long have you been doing that? There are days that you don't feel that good and you just want to stay inside but you just have to jump on the bike or in that car and go. It is hard sometimes but you will be blessed for it. My week is going by pretty good and fast. I can't believe that we are halfway done with July. It is so crazy, time is starting to fly. I think I am going to have a lot of fun with this new companion of mine. His name is Elder Thompson, he is pretty cool. He went to school with Mel's cousin Cory. I thought that was pretty cool. He is a really hard worker. Yes! I got my baseball mitt, thank you so much. I am so excited to use it. I am going to start doing some baseball workouts. The cookies were way good, I loved them. They were a little crumbly but they were still good. For the fudge, no they were not melted but I probably won't eat the one with nuts in it because I don't like nuts very much. OH! Wow! the bill for my bike crash was that much? Dang that's not good. Ya'll didn't have to pay for that did you? I have been being a lot more careful lately. I didn't like staying in the apartment for 3 days straight, that was not fun. Wow! Ya'll had 102 degree weather , that is crazy, lol. It is starting to sound like Texas up there. Actually it has been hotter up there than it has been here. It has only been in the 90's lately but it is not fun riding a bike in that weather, lol. It kind of stinks. You get all sweaty then you go knock on a door and you are dripping in sweat, ya I am sure the people talking to us don't like that to much. It sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. Kel is going to ride the bike down huh? That's sweet. Is Mel going with him or what? You should tell him that he needs to write me back. I haven't heard from him forever. Well I hope Grandpa gets feeling better. I have wrote them but I haven't got a letter back from them though.So your going to the cabin huh? That's not good, I want to go. No, it's all good, but ya'll need to take some pictures and send them to me. Speaking of pictures , I have all my pictures on a CD and I am going to send them home to ya'll so you can have all of my pictures. There is some pretty funny ones. Well, sounds like the family is doing great. Dad is keeping busy in ACN. I will tell you a little bit about what's going on here. There is this guy named Michael Green, he is so cool. He has a 6 year old kid and is worried for her teenage years, so we gave him a For the Strength of the Youth pamphlet He loved it and is just eating it up. I love that guy. Also there is this girl that we are teaching, her name is Stephanie, well she thought it was the coolest thing that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ, it is so awesome. Then there is William. Well he is still drinking, but there is a funny experience we had with him. We went to see him the other day, he lives in a small apartment. Well to say the least he was drunk again and we caught him, he was very embarrassed. We are still teaching this guy. Hope he can kick the Alcohol habit. He is a way cool guy without that stuff. Dad it would be fine if you were the only letter I got in a week. I love reading your letters, they are so uplifting. I sure hope Grandpa gets feeling better. I would love to hear back from Grandpa and Grandma. I haven't heard back from them my whole mission. I don't know much about phones and what is going on in the world Dad. Daniel , this guy told us that the Droid is an awesome phone. He said that the I-phone looses reception easy. That's pretty funny about the guys in scout camp. I think ours was a little worse than theirs, we were on horses in the dark on cliffs, lol. We couldn't see at all, we just had to rely on the horses judgment, lol. That was so scary. Well I got to get going. Sorry this one is kind of short . I better get going. I love you lot's Mom & Dad. Can't wait until next week when I can hear from you again. Well gotta go. Love ya. Elder Eppich

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Never touch a spider again.

Just to let everyone know. The spider thing was a one time thing. I will NEVER do that again.
I don't know where my brain was but it was a challenge. I will assure you that will NEVER
happen again. I think about it all the time and just thinking about it scares me.

Getting a new companion

Hey Mom & Dad: Well here is another week that has gone by. It is pretty crazy how fast time goes by. I actually kind of like how fast time goes by. When time goes by fast that means your busy and when your busy you don't think about home as much. Anyways, I never really thought that it would be this fun waking up this early. I kind of like it sometimes because your up before a lot of other people and it is really quiet and you have all the time you want to think and ponder about things that I never did back home. It is so amazing how much I have learned in such a short time. I just can't wait to see how much I have learned at the end of my mission. To be able to see the difference in myself, even though I might not really notice how much I have changed, I hope I have. Well, that guy that was wasted, we actually went back to his house a few days latter and he was actually sober and we had a really good lesson with him. It was actually really good. He had a lot of questions for us and everything. We read out of the Book of Mormon a little bit with him. We invted him to church next week and he said that he wanted to wait and see. We will have to wait and see if he is planning on going. I hope he is, seems like a nice guy, he is jewish.
Elder Rymer is getting transfered. He is going to be an office Elder for the last 2 months of his mission. He dosen't want to go in there though, lol. I don't really want him to leave either because I actually want to have a companion for more than 1 transfer, lol. But it's all good I will survive, lol. Well it sounds like you haven't had a very fun week mom. You have been a little sick. That's not good, I am sorry to hear that. Being sick on the mission isn't all that fun. Our mission president says when you are sick, work harder, when you are tired, work harder, when you are homesick work harder, and when your done with your mission you can relax. I am trying to work on that concept. The 4th of July isn't that fun on the mission. We did get to watch some fireworks for a little bit but not long. I guess when you don't have anyone home like me to remind you that we need to buy fireworks it is easy to forget about those things. That is pretty funny that Dad needed to call me for something and thinking I was still home. I have been gone for 4 months and he still forgets I am not home. It's nice to be missed. Why didn't anyone go to the cabin for the 4th. I just love it up there. Sounds like all the kids are doing well. Dosen't seem like you all get to hear from Kel all that much. I haven't heard from him forever, well it seems forever for me. I love hearing from my family. That must mean that he is really busy. Natalie told me that they put Olivia in ice skating lessons. I bet she really likes that. I can see her doing that. I hear that Rex is a crack up. He should be pretty fun to play with when I get home. Everything is going great here. The members are awesome and take good care of us. Sister Ellis says that she is my mission Mom. They actually paid to fix my bike. I tried to pay her back but she wouldn't take it. Her husband is the only one in the family that is not LDS. He is such a super guy. They have a great family and they help us out a lot. My new companion is Elder Thompson, he has been out one transfer less than I have . It has been pretty cool here in Alpine. We have had lots of rain and cool weather. That is good bike riding weather. We do get some humidity but not at all like Kyle dose. Mom thanks for sending my mitt. It is a good activity for p-day. There are 4 Elders in our district and most of us like to play ball and they all have their mitt's. Appreciate it. Better get going. Tell Kacie to write me back. I love you lot's Dad & Mom, you take care, hope you get feeling better mom. Love Elder Eppich

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is It Real??????

Nate assures us that this spider is real. From
the look of his face I am sure it is. You guess!

Loving Alpine, Texas

Dear Dad & Mom;
I almost passed out when I opened my e-mail and I actually saw that someone had written me. I was so shocked I thought you guys were going to see if you can push it for a 3rd week, lol, j/k.
The reason that I wrote such a long letter last week was because no one had written that week so I had an hour of computer time that I could write to just you. I don't think we should do that again, I didn't really like it, lol. I didn't feel loved. lol j/k. I have gotten the packages Mom and everything is great. Thanks so much. I would love it if you could send my mitt. I would love to use it for p-day. I didn't know that you can make 5 mitts out of one cow. I would of guessed 3 maybe. I am happy to hear that you and Dad had such a great time on your trip. I bet it was way cool to walk in the same places as the Prophet Joseph Smith. I would of loved that. I think we should go back there when I get home from my mission. I would love that experience. I would also love to visit and see the Temple over there also. You ran into a little fox? It was probably a good thing that he didn't come when you tried to get him to come to you because I have heard that those things can get pretty mean. I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Bauermiester. I am sad to hear that. I will pray for their family. Have they already had the services? Well it sounds like all the kids are doing well. It is way cool that Rex is crawling, it is about time that kid started to crawl, lol. No I didn't hear that Kyle fired that one dude. What happened? Things are going pretty well here. We have just been busy trying to find people to teach. We have a few that want to hear more, very nice people. The weather has been way awesome lately, it has been all cloudy and it has been raining and stuff like that. I love it because it is not hot at all outside so it is actually fun to be out there. Well, you guys probably won't believe me but I let a Tarantula crawl all over my arms the other day. It wasn't a pet spider, it was one that a member found outside and they tried to scare me with it. It took me about 15 min. for them to convince me to hold it. I was freaking out, lol. I still can't believe that I let it crawl on me. Spiders are one of my fears so maybe I have conquered it. lol. Well as far as the bike crash, it sounds like you all handled it ok. Yes! I know that it isn't good to get a concussion. I didn't mean to do it I was just trying to have a little fun. lol I will simmer it down That hurt!!! Hope everything is
going good back home. I really can't believe it is already July, time is flying by. I don't have to many exciting stories to share. I have had to stay in for about a week with my concussion. We did come across this one guy that was drunk. We shared with him about modern day prophets and he wanted to know why he couldn't be a prophet. It was actually kind of funny, I haven't been around drunk people before. We did go back to see him and he asked us for a Book of Mormon and asked if we could take him to church, he wanted to change his life. It was so cool to see someone that really wants to make his life better. We will see what happens.
I heard that you had tornado warnings flying over Chicago. Those Tornado's are scary but awesome at the same time. Well Dad it looks like you broke your curfew a few times over there, being on the plane until after midnight and staying in the Sacred Grove till after midnight. That's not good Dad , you know what happens when you don't make curfew. Don't let it happen again. lol Well I had better sign off. I love you lot's Mom & Dad. Take care and have fun and don't stay out to late tonight, lol j/k Love ya!

Elder Eppich is courageous

I have a hard time believing this is real! Nate
is terrified of spiders, especially ones this big.