President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Loving Alpine, Texas

Dear Dad & Mom;
I almost passed out when I opened my e-mail and I actually saw that someone had written me. I was so shocked I thought you guys were going to see if you can push it for a 3rd week, lol, j/k.
The reason that I wrote such a long letter last week was because no one had written that week so I had an hour of computer time that I could write to just you. I don't think we should do that again, I didn't really like it, lol. I didn't feel loved. lol j/k. I have gotten the packages Mom and everything is great. Thanks so much. I would love it if you could send my mitt. I would love to use it for p-day. I didn't know that you can make 5 mitts out of one cow. I would of guessed 3 maybe. I am happy to hear that you and Dad had such a great time on your trip. I bet it was way cool to walk in the same places as the Prophet Joseph Smith. I would of loved that. I think we should go back there when I get home from my mission. I would love that experience. I would also love to visit and see the Temple over there also. You ran into a little fox? It was probably a good thing that he didn't come when you tried to get him to come to you because I have heard that those things can get pretty mean. I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Bauermiester. I am sad to hear that. I will pray for their family. Have they already had the services? Well it sounds like all the kids are doing well. It is way cool that Rex is crawling, it is about time that kid started to crawl, lol. No I didn't hear that Kyle fired that one dude. What happened? Things are going pretty well here. We have just been busy trying to find people to teach. We have a few that want to hear more, very nice people. The weather has been way awesome lately, it has been all cloudy and it has been raining and stuff like that. I love it because it is not hot at all outside so it is actually fun to be out there. Well, you guys probably won't believe me but I let a Tarantula crawl all over my arms the other day. It wasn't a pet spider, it was one that a member found outside and they tried to scare me with it. It took me about 15 min. for them to convince me to hold it. I was freaking out, lol. I still can't believe that I let it crawl on me. Spiders are one of my fears so maybe I have conquered it. lol. Well as far as the bike crash, it sounds like you all handled it ok. Yes! I know that it isn't good to get a concussion. I didn't mean to do it I was just trying to have a little fun. lol I will simmer it down That hurt!!! Hope everything is
going good back home. I really can't believe it is already July, time is flying by. I don't have to many exciting stories to share. I have had to stay in for about a week with my concussion. We did come across this one guy that was drunk. We shared with him about modern day prophets and he wanted to know why he couldn't be a prophet. It was actually kind of funny, I haven't been around drunk people before. We did go back to see him and he asked us for a Book of Mormon and asked if we could take him to church, he wanted to change his life. It was so cool to see someone that really wants to make his life better. We will see what happens.
I heard that you had tornado warnings flying over Chicago. Those Tornado's are scary but awesome at the same time. Well Dad it looks like you broke your curfew a few times over there, being on the plane until after midnight and staying in the Sacred Grove till after midnight. That's not good Dad , you know what happens when you don't make curfew. Don't let it happen again. lol Well I had better sign off. I love you lot's Mom & Dad. Take care and have fun and don't stay out to late tonight, lol j/k Love ya!

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