President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feb. 10th, 2011

Hey Mom & Dad;

It is P-Day right now and it is about 10:30 a.m and I am still in my apartment because Elder McAdams is still sick. Not sure if he feels well enough to go out and e-mail. It's not a whole lot of fun when your not sick and your comp is, there isn't a whole lot to do after I get all my studying done. But it's all good. I remember when I had my bike reck and my comp had to stay with me. Pay backs! Things are going pretty good . I love being in our own apartment. It is so nice. We actually have room to move around. Instead of just sitting in a small room. Me and my comp are getting along just great. He is a pretty funny kid. He has a pretty big family and they all run track in college. So if we need to scram from a sticky place, I will just hang on and he will run as fast as he can. lol
I can't believe that I am almost hitting my year mark. It is so crazy. Time is just flying by. My last year is going to go by so fast. I need to kick it into gear and work harder than ever. Speaking of work, we have a few investigators that I'll tell you about. First up is Brenda, she is way tight. She is a 54 year old black lady. She is way cool and funny. She was telling us that she was praying for help and no longer than a minute later we showed up. So that's pretty sweet. As soon as she stops smoking she will be good to go. So that is what we are working on with her. Next is Jesse. He is 13 years old. We took him to church with us and he loved it. I don't know if his parents will let him get baptized. I hope they do. Then there is Susan. She is kinda crazy. She believes in the whole flopping on the ground thing. She says when she feels the spirit it comes out in her and she flops on the ground. That could be a real show if she decided to do that in Sacrament meeting. lol Tonight we are teaching this girl named America. This will be the first time teaching her. She seems like she will be pretty solid. So we will have to wait and see.
Hey! It finally snowed here. I got my wish, lol. It has been really cold here in Midland. I am pretty excited for it to start warming up again. I don't like knocking on doors in the cold. Well life is good here. How about back home? How is everything going? Le me know how your cruise went. Love y'all lot's. Take Care! Love Elder Eppich

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Elder Eppich has a new address

Elder Eppich has moved into an apartment in Midland.
He is pretty excited about this. He has been living with the
Jones family. The father is in the presidency of the Lubbock
mission. Very nice people but he is excited to have his own
space. He has a new companion from Cleveland Ohio.
Elder McAdams. Just finished having snow storms in Texas.
All is melted and back in their vehicles.

New Address

Elder Nate Eppich
4405 N. Garfield
Apt #621
Midland, Tx 79705

Friday, February 4, 2011

One of the guys in my old district

Snowing in Midland Texas

Dear Mom & Dad;

This is crazy weather. We have been grounded for a couple of days. It stinks! If we go anywhere we have to have one of the members come get us and take us. Jeremy came to bring us to the library so we could email out to our families. It is so cold and we now have inches of snow. I think I was wanting a box of snow for Christmas. NOW! I need it to go away so we can get back to work. We are all good here. Sorry that I have been so bad about the letter writing, when I get in at night I am bushed and fall asleep fast and on p-day, well, it seems like the day goes so fast before we have appointments again. That is good though. I have a new companion from Cleveland Ohio. I have had all Utah boys up to now. His name is Elder McAdams, really cool kid. Brand new out so I will be training him. We will get some good work done and have fun while doing it. We are moving on Saturday the 5th so don't send anything. We will be moving into an apartment. I am pretty excited that we will be in our own space. I appreciate the Jones a lot but it is nice to have our own space.
The work is good. We have several investigators. Many of them have vices that they are trying to stop, like smoking, drinking etc. Really awesome people. The district is doing great. I feel like I am not the best leader but I am really trying. They are all good to work with. Well this letter is short, sorry! Oh! Elder Reay got back into the mission this week. I am so excited for him that he came back. He has the choice to stay 3 months longer than our group or go home when we do. I think right now he will return home when we do. I am so happy for him.
Well got to go Mom and Dad. Tell everyone hi for me. I love you all so much and appreciate all you do for me. Take Care! Love Elder Eppich