President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cotton bails! Cotton and Oil is huge in Midland, TX

This machine is how they make the huge bailed cotton


Good in the Texas, Lubbock Mission

Hey! Mom & Dad;

Things are going pretty good here in the Texas Lubbock Mission. The weather is perfect for missionary work. Midland is doing just great, at least I think so. The town is about half the size of Tri-Cities I think. I am ready for a new area but then again I love this area. Things are a bit slow for us right now, but hey! everything can't go the way you want it to all the time. We meet a lot of awesome people everyday but then as soon as we mention the Gospel to them they all the sudden are not all that cool to us anymore. We get a lot of people that get mad because we knock on their door, we just address them nicely and tell them who we are and they are nice to us, there is another church here that most people won't open their doors for and they think we are part of them. The one ladies family, you know the one that has a wife, yep! still can't get over that one. Kind of weird right!
They came to church last week, it was awesome and they liked it. Someone shared with them about pre-earth life and that they were probably in the chior in Heaven before this life. They didn't know how to handle that one. We have a baptism set for the 24th of January. This lady is so awesome but she is still smoking so not to sure on that one. It is pretty crazy because she says she hates the smell of smoke that it makes her stomach hurt. She has had cancer so she is scared to smoke so it doesn't make sence to me. Hopefully we can help her out with that committment. She is a special person and wants to clean her life up. The weather here has been in the 70's, it is alright but I think I am going to freeze when my mission is over. I am used to this weather here. I hear that the weather is getting a bit warm back home, is the snow gone yet? I think Kyle has warmer weather than what I have here becasue we have frost on the windows every morning when we go out. I hear that Kel is almost ready to move into their new home. I am excited for him. What is wrong with Mel's hand? Kel tells me that they have a track right behind their home, we can do some riding back there. I know Mom you don't like motorcycles!

The other day I went about 45 minutes away to Big Springs which is part of our district to do some exchanges with some other Elders. It was pretty crazy because we were riding bikes there and FYI there are a lot of hills there so you can imagin that I was having a hay day on those hills. lol We were about 7 miles from their house and about 5 miles from Wal-Mart and guess what? I got a flat tire and we had to walk the bikes all the way to Wal-Mart to buy a tire for a bike that is not even mine and then fix it. OH! It was a pain in the rear, but it was fun at the same time. lol ! We don't have to many more investigators right now, that is what we will be working on is finding more this week. It should be a long week of hard work for us but it is all good.
Hope work is going good for Dad and he isn't getting to much gray hair. Mom how did your's and Kacie's class go in Mutual? Well I am done with this letter and I have to run. You all take care and know that I love you all so much. Thanks for being an awesome family.
Love Elder Eppich

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I look like a true Texan.LOL
My companion made this dollar bowtie for me.

This is one of the guys in my district. He is from Sandpoint, Idaho
When I get home from the mission we are going to hang out at the

January 13, 2011

Hi Family;

Things are going pretty good here. We had a baptism scheduled for Saturday the 15th but the lady was not able to come to church for good reasons so we will be working with her on that.
It is one of those slow times in the mission. I think it is just the January spell. All the district missionaries are doing good. I am doing pretty good in my calling as District Leader. I have to realize that I was called here to learn. I am learning alot that is for sure. I have to have more confidence in myself and know that my Father in Heaven is by my side to help me along the way if I show humility and hard work. I get more comfortable as the days and months go by.
We as a Lubbock mission had 400 baptisms for the year of 2010. We felt pretty good about that but we always know that we can work harder. It is getting harder for me to write letters. I am usually so tired when we get home that I just crash. Sleep is a gift. Just got done being sick but I think I was able to keep from getting strep like I usually get this time of year.
Hope all is well at home. It is good to hear from all the kids. Oh! Daniel that moved to Logan, he is moving to St. George, Utah. He doesn't like Logan. Hope he likes St. George, it is warmer there. Jeremy , that was baptized a couple of weeks ago is doing great. He moved back in with his parents so that he can save money to go to school at BYU, Utah. He is way excited about that. Elder Reay will be back to the mission here in the next week or so. He healed pretty good from his knee surgery. Look forward to seeing him. The weather has cooled down quite a bit. Still warm for me. Hey! I heard that Colton has gained some weight. What! He is not a skinny little guy anymore! Say , Hi! to him for me. I have heard from Morgan. Sounds like he is doing good. Well, got to go. Tell all Hi from Texas. I love you all, take care. Love Elder Eppich

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Natalie prepared this tree for Nate!
Everyday he opened an envelope with a quote
or story and a photo to put on the tree.
I loved it!

Nate's baseball Christmas tree!

Nate's District in Midland

Nate putting up his Christmas Tree Natalie and Kyle sent

Elder Eppich , Elder Shaffer and some investigators

Loooooong Break!

This is from Mom;

I was surprised at how long it has been since I posted one of Nate's letters. I didn't think I had been that bad at keeping up. Actually, Nate is getting pretty bad at writing these days. He has been very busy in Midland , Texas. He has been the district leader there for some time now and he enjoys it most days. They have been teaching quite a bit. He is looking forward to a baptism on January 15th. We look forward to his e-mails every Thursday morning. He was looking forward to some cooler weather. I think they are getting it now. Nate lives with a couple, Brother Jones is one of the counselors in the mission office. His companion is Elder Mulcock from Utah. Transfers should be coming up soon so he could be seeing some changes. He has been in Midland since September of 2010. Every Thursday, (almost) they have the opportunity to play some football. Down in Texas they have football fields that they let the community play on that are better than the football fields that we have in the college level. Nate enjoys this time to get some exercise. They play with several guys that are on the college teams there in Midland. While he was in a restruant during the Christmas Holidays , a young man came up to Nate and told him that he recognized him and that he knew his sister Kacie. Small world! That has happened twice to him while he has been in Midland. In Midland, there are lots of oil fields and cotton that is harvested. This was new to him. He had no idea how they did that. I have some photos to share. Well , I have reminded Nate that we need mission up-dates so hopefully we will get a letter soon. Thanks for all the prayers and support . Nate appreciated all the cards and gifts that he received , he didn't know if he was going to get all the Thank You's out but Mom assured him that he could do it, so hopefully that will happen.