President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Family

Well, things are going pretty good here. We just got done with transfers. I had to take Elder Thompson to Odessa and pick up my new comp. His name is Elder Pentecos. He is a really big guy, probably about 300 lbs. He seems like a pretty cool guy. Well, transfers are not my favorite time of the mission. I get really, really nervous for some reason. The nervousness goes away with in a week or so. So that is a good thing. As I get older in the mission I am sure I will be cool with transfers. I am very happy to be in Alpine still. I have a feeling I won't be in here much longer though. Yes! I have air conditioning here. If I didn't I would go nuts. You have to have AC in Texas or you would die, Ha Ha. Oh! So last week we went to Terriangua, Texas. It is in the middle of nowhere, lol. Wow! It is kind of scary out there. It is kind of a ghost town, alot of houses but no one lives in them. I think it is haunted. lol. That story about Kel is way funny. I sure would love to hear from that guy. Could y'all tell him that, thanks. It is pretty crazy how time fly's. August is almost over. That was a funny story about Lexi and Alex getting left in the middle of the lake at the cabin. I could totally see that happening. I bet Alex was way scared. Did he go back out in the lake and tube after that? That cabin is my favorite place in the world to be. I can't believe that many people got sick at the reunion. Not good! That is awesome that Eric Kohen had their first baby, tell them hi for me.
About Elder Reay, I think that would be so awesome to serve with him. I will have to put a bug in Presidents ear. We would get so much work done together. Just to let you know, me and Elder Thompson were just starting to really jell and he got transfered. He will do good where he went, he is a hard worker. Mom it would be ok for you to write to the Ellises. They are a great family. Ray Ellis is a good guy. They are great members of the branch. Well Ray is not a member, just the kids and Sister Ellis. My shirts are great Mom, I really like the ones that you sent but I am just fine with the rest, don't worry about them. I hear that I may need a winter coat. I don't know weather to have you send one or not. We will see. Hey! Don't worry Mom my apartment stays really clean. I am keeping good care of things. Our investigators are doing great. They are all such awesome people. Michael Green has made some different decisions, so we will meet with him one more time. Daniel's grandma loves us to come around and serve her, we have to be careful though. She loves us. Megan Poatright is coming along good, she has been reading a lot but we haven't been able to see her for about a week. Everything else is coming along good. I still love this area a lot. I have some big goals before I leave here so that is what we are working on. My comp is a great guy. The heat is kind of tough on him, especially when we ride bikes but he keeps going. I had better go. I love y'all lots. I miss y'all very much. I am still waiting for the pictures from the family reunion. Gotta Go! I am out like a trout! Lol!
Love Elder Eppich

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