President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sweet Week!

Dear Dad;
My week has been so sweet, it has flown by, it is so crazy how fast time goes when you are so busy. I can't believe it, lol. This week has started out pretty sweet because we got a new investigator on Saturday and he came to church and loved it. The topic at church was the priesthood. Right after that he was like, what's the preisthood? We sat down and we had a lesson with him. The lesson was so spiritual. It made me think back about all those times that I had questions and struggled with my testimony. Time that I choose to repent for wrongdoings. This guy asked half way through the lesson if God really does forgive sins. That question gave me an opportunity to bear my testimony of forgiveness to him. That God really does forgive us of things because He loves us very much, so he sent His only begotten Son down here just for me, that I have that path, that guidance, that road to Eternal life, the opportunity to live with my Father in Heaven, to live with the coolest family forever, even after this life. It is so amazing, and the plan is so simple we just have to follow in our Older Brothers footsteps, because He has lead the way and it is up to us weather we want to rise up to the challenge and follow Christ. It was so awesome, then we were able to give him a Book of Mormon at the end of the lesson. We found out that he has been reading about 50 pages each day. I was so stoked about that. Then on Tuesday we had another lesson with him, it went so good. I loved it, it was another spiritual lesson, at the end of that lesson he said that he felt like this is the right thing to do that it just feels so right. We set a date with him for the 4th of Septmber. I am so excited I can't wait until next Saturday, it is going to be so legit. Anyways I am way excited for y'all now that y'all are going to the gym, y'all getting in shape for the cruise that y'all are going to be going on. Where are you going to be going? So, Dad I have been working on the things that you mentioned about my companion. We had our struggles for about a week and we were able to get things worked out. We carry the spirit fully when we are both on the same page. Sometimes it is hard to overlook somethings but I am sure it is the same for my companion at times also. We are doing good. I am not able to work out much. My comp really dosen't like to do much. Not even ride the bikes like we are supposed to. I try to get him to get up early to go run etc. No go! I am working on just motivitating myself. I have gained muscle in my legs from bike riding, I haven't gained any weight since I have been on my mission. OH! You guys remember Mark. Daniel's friend. He told Daniel that he is thinking about coming back and wants to know if it is to late to start where we left off. I was way stoked when I heard that. Well I love you lots Dad, hope everything is going good.

Love Elder Eppich

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