President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Letter June 17th

Dear Mom & Dad;
Sorry I wasn't able to write much. I didn't have much time so I thought I would hand write a letter to you. It is so hard to keep up on the letters, I have so many to write and not enough time but I am finding time. Well to start off I will tell you a few experiences. The other day we had an investigator take us to a minor league ball game, we had permission and we also taught a lesson there. I was so excited. I got to go see the best sport in the world and do the Lord's work at the same time. On Tuesday we had a district meeting and when one of the Elder's there were telling a story he got so excited he jumped out of his chair and when he sat back down he broke his chair and fell over backwards. You know us boys, we laughed so hard we were crying. This was kind of a big guy and after we could see he was ok we all busted up laughing. So was he. Mom, Dad, Daniel is the most amazing guy in the world. He is a former youth pastor . The lessons that we have with him are always so spiritual. I just love it. It is always so amazing because he is trying to get him Mother to listen to us. I learn so much for such amazing people everyday. Yesterday, we were teaching a lesson and I was so nervous, so I said a little prayer before in my head. Halfway through the lesson words just starting coming out of my mouth. It was amazing. I knew it was the Lord helping me and the spirit was so strong. I have such a testimony of prayer and that it can help us we just have to talk to our Father in Heaven, he will answer us. Well it is pretty sweet here in Alpine. Except it is so stinkin hot. We have been riding out bikes about 3 times a week. It has been about 100 degrees. Humidity stinks too! But! I love it here. There are so many amazing cool people here. You know, we teach people to pray to God and ask Him for what they need no matter if they think it is dumb or a question they might think is silly. Just PRAY. I love prayer. Well I had better go. I never hear from Tia and the kids. Love you all so much. Love Elder Eppich

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