President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear Mom & Dad

Hey! Mom;
It is pretty crazy, here we are another p-day and writing another letter. It goes pretty fast for me for the most part, the days are like weeks and the weeks are like days. Some days go pretty slow but I have realized the farther you get into your mission the faster it goes. There are days that I am just so tired that it would be tempting to stay in and days that I just don't want to get on that bike. Somedays you never think the mission is going to end, but then you have some awesome experiences that re-charge you and it just flys by and the mission is going so fast it is crazy. There are days for all of us missionaries that you want to quit and go home and see your family and friends. I have found a quote that I really love, I will share it with you when I write you a letter. I read it everyday and it gets my day going. I love letters Mom, it is so great to go to the mail and have something in there for you. Did you enjoy the Temple. I really miss going. We have not been able to attend the Temple since I was in the MTC, I miss going. Look forward to when I can go again. We are 5 hours away from the Temple. How is Grandpa's back been doing? I still haven't gotten a letter from them since I have been in the mission. Would love to hear from them. Can you believe that summer is almost over. The college kids are arriving and will start up in about 2 and half weeks. Sports is starting up here also but their football team isn't very good. Most people here chase cows around and rope them. My comp is doing good. We are looking at a transfer for one of us this next week so I will let you know. Not real sure yet who is going where. Elder Reay is such an awesome missionary. I really like that guy, we are way good friends and we haven't even know each other very long. I think he is still up in his same area up north. Dad I can't believe that you haven't planned a fishing trip this summer. What is up with that? You better have some planned when I get home.
So Kacie is the big 25 on Monday? I know she used to always remind everyone when her birthday was I would think she would want to be quiet because she is getting so old, lol. Just kidding. How are bids going Dad? Yes! Dad that family that we did service for, we actually had a lesson with her last night. We watched the restoration, she wanted to know more about Joseph Smith. She says everytime that we come over there she can feel this peaceful feeling and that would be the Spirit testifying to her of truths. I have a testimony of service. I know when you serve someone they can see the love you have for them. It is such an amazing feeling. Well I had better get going. I hope all the family is well. I am doing great! Take Care
Love Elder Eppich

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