President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Midland is Great

Dear Mom;

If you were out here Mom you would here me bear my testimony like 10 times a day. It is a challenge to not be routine but if you are in tune with the spirit then the spirit will bear it's testimony through you. Well this letter is going to be kind of short, I think I have said that before. I will hand write one to you because when our time is up on the computer it automatically shuts off so I have to get down to business. Tell Laurin happy birthday for me, man she is getting old. I can't believe that I am going to be 20 here pretty soon. All I wanted when I was young is to be older but now that I am getting older all I want is to be younger, lol.
We are doing well here in Midland. I am pretty tired most of the time, we work pretty hard through the week and crash at nights. Sure have enjoyed my companion. We work well together. The other day I busted up laughing, we were on our bikes and I was hurrying across the street and I turned around and look to see if he made it across, well he didn't make it to well. He caught his back tire and he went flying over the handle bars and did a superman on the pavement. It was so funny I couldn't quit laughing. He was ok just a little bruised and muddy on his white shirt. Then we both laughed all the way back home. Our investigators are doing great. We enjoy teaching the people her in West Texas. We are playing some football on our p-days and I am enjoying the exercise. We don't get much exercise, only bikes once in awhile , the area is so big that we mostly have to take our car. Did I mention that the Ellises came into Midland to go to a Dr. appointment and they took us to lunch. It was great to see them. I am sure I will see them again. Daniel keeps in touch, he is going to move to Logan sometime and he wants to come visit you guys in Washington. He is a super guy. Remember he was the youth pastor. He is loving serving in the gospel. We are working in the mission to have exact obedience. If you think about it , exact obedience takes some thinking about. We do know that if we have exact obedience that doors will be opened for us and we will realize great blessings. I think you tried to teach me that at home. I get it now! lol.Well I really got to run. We are going home to write some letters, play some football and have some fun teaching tonight. We go about 10 miles away to the Library to write our letters on the computer. Mom, the apples were awesome. 2000000 times better than any apple we can get here. Thanks so much! Yes! I am sharing. Love ya all and look forward to the letters. Did you get the letter that I sent to the ward? I hope so, let me know if I need to send more. I am excited to read everyones letter.
Love Elder Eppich

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