President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Monday, June 27, 2011

June 23, 2011

Dear Mom & Dad;

Well first off I just want to say , sorry for not having an e-mail written to y'all today when you opened your e-mail. the computers in the library all shut down. Then when we got back on we didn't have a whole lot of time, but at least I got a really small e-mail out to y'all. LOL Anyways, Dad what you were saying today about when you get out on your mission for so long it gets harder and harder to write back letters. It is so true. I am tired that all I want to do is sleep. But I can't sleep right now. It was pretty nice because today was the first p-day in I don't know how long that I got to take a nap. It was so nice. Dad I don't know if you ever took naps on your mission but when I get the chance I take advantage of it. LOL!
Anyways, my comp is doing great. He is a cowboy from Elisa Idaho. A really small town. Only 150 people there. He is a way good kid. He was way shy at first but I am breaking him of that in a hurry. I have been making him do a lot of the talking at door steps. He has made me laugh quite a few times. He has been a little homesick. He say's it feels like he has been out for 12 years already, lol! I just laughed and told him it will start to fly by before long and to just hang in there. This kid has probably been my favorite greenie. He is way funny and a very nice guy. Not cocky and is willing to learn, he is just a very good person. Well a little bit about what's going on here in Portales. We have this guy named Michael Whery. Way cool guy. We set a date for him to be baptized on the 10th of July. This guy is way solid. He has read the whole Book of Mormon in about a month. So way cool. He knows it is true and is stoked to be baptized. So pretty exciting. He actually took us to Pizza Hut tonight. Next is Grady. He is a 45 year old black dude. At first it was a little hard to get him going but he is doing great now. He said ever since we started to teach him everything has just felt right. Because he has been going through a lot of stuff with his wife and everything. So he is a pretty cool dude. He is going to be baptized on July 2nd. Next we have Sally, Perla, Yla. I think I have told you about them. Well, right now we are kind of in a bind with them. We really don't know where to go next with them. But we will figure it out. Well the house is looking pretty good so far from what I can see. I really do wish ya'll would send me more pictures of the house and everything back home. I would like to see y'all. lol Honestly it is not going to take my mind off the work. Promise. I mean y'all want more pictures of me right? This can go both ways here. The more pictures I send home the more y'all will think about me, right and interrupt your work. Lol! Do you get what I mean? I would like some more photos of home. So I will get some updated ones sent out and you do the same OK! Good! How is everyone doing back home? Good I hope. Well I had better get going now. I need to get to bed I am a little tired. I will talk to y'all later. Take Care. Love ya lots! Love Elder Eppich

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