President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Long time with no letters to post December 28, 2011

Dear Mom & Dad;

Well how's is life treating y'all? Well as y'all know by now I am sure, I am now in Artesia New Mexico. I am pretty surprised that I got transferred again. I think this is probably where I will end up finishing my mission, I hope anyway since I have been doing a lot of packing lately. I have a lot of stuff that I don't know what to do with right now. I think I will need to start sending somethings home as I only want to come home with l bag. Artesia is pretty sweet. It is a smaller town. There is about 10,000 people that live here. Oh! They are way good at football here. Their stadium is so big here. It is bigger than most college ones. The ward here I hear is not the most active. We have a lot of boarder patrol people here. It is one of the biggest training facilities for law training. So they are not the best at missionary work so we have some work to do. There are some really cool families here, the Whites, the Heists and a few other families but I don't remember their names. There is this one guy his name is John and he is 75. He pretty much takes care of the missionaries, feed us and buys our food and drags us around. In fact I got my bike stolen and he insisted on buying me a new one. I argued with him but I didn't win. He is really giving. He makes us breakfast every Thursday. He is a way good cook. Hope I don't gain to much weight. I was pretty surprised because when I got here I found out I was serving with Elder Davis again. They don't tell the missionaries where they are getting transferred to or who they will serve with until they get to their new area. We were real surprised. It's way crazy! We were both shocked but pretty stoked. I served with him in San Angelo if you remember. We should do good here. We gotta do a lot of knocking. The last Elders didn't have much going here. There is this guy named James. He is pretty crazy. You can tell that he is pretty down. We actually set a date with him the night that I got here. It is for Jan. 14th. I hope it goes through. I am pretty positive that it will happen this transfer. I will continue to update y'all on that. Next we have Cassi and her family. She has 2 daughters that are baptized, then 3 boys that are 12,10,8 and they aren't baptized. I haven't meet them yet. They seem to be coming along pretty good. That's about it though. Everyone else either doesn't keep commitments or won't listen. We need to find some more sound people. Well everything is going pretty good. Trying to keep myself going strong till the end. Don't want to get to trunky, lol! Well I hope everything is going good for you. How is the house coming along. Is it close to being finished? Y'all should send more photos for me to see and I will try to get some out to you. How are all the kids doing? Did everyone get back safe from Christmas. Oh! Mom! I sent the Christmas tree home, thanks for that. Well I better get going. Love y'all all , Take Care!

Love Elder Eppich

P.S. What are y'all doing for the New Year? Happy New Year!

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