President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Friday, April 9, 2010

Elder Eppich's First Area- Amerillo, Texas

Hey! Mom & Dad;

How is everything going for you guys? I hope good. How was Dallas? Was it pretty hot there? I can't believe that I was only like 20 min. from you. That was so crazy. Well what's going on at home? Anything fun. Dad how is work coming? Do you have many jobs with Mahaffey? Well yesterday was my actual first day out tracting and teaching investigators. It was pretty crazy. I didn't know that missionaries had it this bad. Almost every door we knocked on slammed the door back in our face. There was this one lady that stopped us and she wanted to know about the church because her daughter just joined the church last year and she is getting married in the Temple this year, so she want's to learn more. So we are going to go teach her tonight. We have 4 lessons tonight that we have to teach, I am excited but nervous at the same time. Well yesterday was a pretty crazy day because we walked like 20-25 miles. I am so sore right now, my feet, legs, knees, and every other part of my body is killing me. I am walking like an old man pretty much lol. Well it has been pretty tough lately because I have been really homesick lately. It is getting pretty hard but I haven't cried yet so we are all good, lol. My eyes have gotten a little watered up, lol. Well, how is everyone doing back home? How is Kade doing in baseball? Have you heard much about that? Well I don't know if you know for sure but I am in Amerillo serving, so that's pretty cool. It is pretty windy here so it kind of stinks, but the city is pretty cool. So are the people until you tell them what church you are from, lol. My companion is pretty cool, he is from Wyoming, and his name is Elder Colton, he is a way cool guy. He has been helping me out alot. Oh , yah, thanks for those cookies, they are so good, those are the best cookies ever. Hey, how is Olivia and Radden doing? Are they getting pretty big? What about Charly is she starting to feel better? Oh, yah, did you get to go see Jordan while you were in Texas? If you did how is he doing? Good I hope. Ya, I got to sit by Clark on the airplane, I thought that was pretty sweet. Well my p-days are on Thursdays now so that is when I will be e-mailing you. Oh and in case you want to send something my address is 4810 Wesley Rd, Amerillo, TX 79119. So but I love you guys so much, you are the best parents ever, and I miss you so much. I can't wait to hear from you guys again. Have fun at home. Oh Yah. have you started on the house yet? I hope so. Well I gotta go, Love ya.
Love Elder Eppich

P.S. Amerillo, is a farming community. Nate lives with a family on the very outskirts of Amerillo which is surrounded by lots of farm ground and circles. It is the windy season right now but he will be thankful for the wind in a few months when the heat comes.

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