President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Letter to Dad & Mom

Hey! Dad; You know Dad you say that you are glad you are not farming when the weather goes bad like it has. To tell you the truth I miss farming alot. I know that I wasn't the hardest worker at times, I still miss it. I actually miss moving pipe, lol. That may be a shocker for you but if someone came up to me right now and asked me to move pipe for them I would jump on it in a heartbeat, lol. That's how I feel about the farm now that I am away from it. I did get your letter and it was an amazing letter Dad, I am not going to lie it brought tears to my eyes. I love you Dad and look forward to spending time with you when I get home from my mission. I know that I wasn't the most patient kid in the world when I was home but that is something that I have been working on out here and sometimes I am forced to work on being patient. I need that Christlike attribute out here so it is a good thing to work on. Sounds like you are working hard on the bids, sorry to hear that you didn't get that one job. Sounds like economy plays a big part in weather you get jobs or not. How is the farm doing anyway's? About Grandpa and Grandma, I have written them but they haven't wrote me back so just to let you know I have thought about them and I have written to them. . How is Grandpa's back anyway? Dad we have this 60 yr old man in our ward here that runs 5 miles a day, he is in way good shape, maby you should think about that so you will be strong and healthy when I get home. We are still on schedual with Daniel for June 19, I am way excited about that. The other investigators are doing alright. We are still working with them. Well I will make sure and be careful riding those minature donkey's, they can get pretty physical, lol. Love ya lots and take care. Love Elder Eppich

Hey! Mom: HaHa you almost forgot that it was letter day! I can't believe this, lol. I never forget about letter day, lol. I love my letters. So Dad beat you to the computer huh. Well I guess since he wakes up at like 4 in the morning it is understandable, lol. How I would like to work the pictures is if you can send me another SD card and then I will have a few to work with and I can send one at a time home and you can unload it and send it back to me. That is what the guys here are doing and it seems to work for them. Elder Rymer got his short sleeve shirts from Mr. Mac. Don't worry Mom I won't be jumping off any buildings here with my big shirts, even if I tried to do that I wouldn't even get hurt because there are no tall buildings big enough to jump off of and get hurt, small town, lol. Sounds like things have been really busy with your calling. Time flies when you are busy. I can't believe I have been here in Alpine for a month now. It dosen't seem like it. Right now I wish I wasn't here because I have to give a 20 minute talk this next Sunday. I am not real excited about that because I have never talked for 20 min. Just maby 10 min and that was hard enough. I will get through it just fine I am sure. Mom I am glad that you are enjoying your calling. I am glad that you are loving it. This calling is going to bless you very much. I have really realized that I will be blessed greatly from being here on my mission. I have also realized how important family is and also how important time is. You know back home, 2 years seemed like a long time but here on the mission it is so short. My Zone Leader was talking to me one day and he said that you can work really hard and work through sicknesses and trials or you can just be lazy and not do anything, you will be wasting the Lord's time, and either way you are here for 2 years so you might as well work as hard as you can. I felt like that was great advice from a great guy. Out here in Alpine we ride bikes about 3 hours a day then drive the car and sometimes walk. Elder Rymer and I are starting a workout plan to keep in shape. Daniel is on track for baptism for the 19 and we are way excited for Saturday to come. This guy is such a cool guy. He is the coolest kid ever. He actually reminds me of Laurin's Taylor alot. This kid is so funny. I do see some of the guys that I came on the mission with. I see one of them every week and I get to see Clark every 6 weeks at Zone conf. I haven't got to see Elder Reay yet, I really want to see that kid, I miss him. So Mom I am glad that you are reading your scriptures every morning. They really do help us have the right attitude for the day. It makes your day go 100% better. Just curious, have you been using my phone? Well I had better get going. I do hope everything is going good for you Mom. I love you lot's and your take care.
Love Elder Eppich

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