President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Transfer to Midland, Texas

Hey Mom & Dad; Well I have made it to my new area. I was transfered to Midland Texas. It is a huge place compared to Alpine. It was so difficult to leave Alpine. That is an area that all the Elders want to go because all the members and people there are legit. It was emotional for me to leave but time to move on. I have to think that Midland is going to be the best ever becsause there are good people here also. They just are so big that they get to busy for missionary work and get lazy. Mom I love Preach My Gospel. I am hoping that the people here in Midland will get the vision of that book and learn from it. I bet Sister Hadley did a great job on her class with you. Well funny thing, Elder Reay, my buddy from the MTC replaced me in Alpine. He is just going to love it there. My new companion is Elder Shaffer, he is from,( sit down you won't believe this, lol.) Utah. He knows alot about cows, in fact it is funny how much he knows about cows. I didn't know that much about cows, lol. He has been out about 3 months, good guy and we should do great here. I don't know much about the investigators so I will let you know next week after I get introduced. I am kind of stressed about this transfer. I am Sr. comp and there is lots of responsibilities to this. I am sure if I will humble myself and allow my Father in Heaven to help me we will do just fine. Sounds like your trip to Logan was fun. Did Kel remember me? That guy, I need to hear from him. I am glad to hear that they are doing good. I bet the Temple was awesome. Bryant is doing great. That is good. He needs to hurry and get out of that MTC, it is easy to gain weight in there. I am sure he will be a great missionary. When does he leave for Brazil? Well, I really need to get, sorry the letter is short we have alot to get done today. Please send me my coat Mom, and muddy buddies would be so awesome. Love those things.
Ya'll take care and I love ya lots. Love Elder Eppich

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