President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Mexico is Great!

Hey! Mom & Dad

I know my letters have been pretty short. Not so good at letter writing lately. Mom I will start writing to you better. That is a requirement that we write our parents once a week. I have failed on that commandment lately. LOL I haven't written a letter by hand in about 2 months. Last letter I wrote was to Morgan. Things are going great here in Portales. I think I told you that when I walk out the door every morning to work it feels like I am headed out to work with Dad on the farm. Looks just like home. When we do service it is usually on a farm. Smells like cows here. We travel lots of miles on our bikes. There is just 2 of us that cover this town of about 13,000. The district all comes here to have district meeting. We have 2 sisters in our district and 2 Spanish speaking Elders, they cover 2 towns and then 2 Elders that come from around an hour away. We are well taken care of by the members of the ward. Our Bishop is so missionary minded and it is so great to have help from the ward members. We do have a family of 7 on schedule for baptism here soon so we are very excited about that. We ride about 2 to 3 miles to the Library to e-mail. We have a family that has kind of adopted us and they are a fun family. My comp is from Utah and he is an older missionary. He has been out for 5 months. He doesn't really like it when I suggest what we should do, I just kind of ignore it. He pulled out in front of an Ambulance the other day and I got after him for that so you can imagine how our day went. I just try to no dwell on it. For the most part we work well together. President Robinson was excited to send me here. Midland was a lot of work. I served there for 6 months so it was time to move on. I love this place and will enjoy my time here. The work is going good here and we are seeing great success. Hope you are all well at home. I heard the girls did good in their Moab half marathon. Sounds like things are beginning to start on the house. I am excited. Hope all the family is doing good. Miss ya'll and look forward to talking to you on Mothers Day.
Love ya'll- Love Elder Eppich

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