President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nate's 1st Transfer on the Mission to Alpine, TX

Elder Eppich doing some service in Amerillo, TX
Hey! Mom & Dad; Time does fly when you are busy. I was just working good on the homesickness and I got transfered. Clear down south from where I was serving. I was sent to Alpine, Texas. That is on the southern boarder of the mission on the Mexican boarder. There is only about 6,000 people that live here. The closest large city is like 3 hours away. I am not to sure about this small town feel. I am really looking forward to the time when I can teach without problems, that comes with practice, the more you practice the better you get at anything.
So sister Esser is out of the hospital? That's way cool. So hopefully she is doing better now. Mom thanks for the advice. One thing that we learn out here is to forget yourself and when you do everything goes alot better. I did hear that Bryant is going to Brazil. That's way cool. I am way happy for him, that stinks that he has to wait so long to go. I would hate that long wait. Really, Colton has entered the MTC already, that's way crazy, where did the time go there? Could you get me Colton's address for me please? I am working on putting my companion first, which is really hard sometimes when they make you so mad, but as soon as you learn that concept everyting else falls into place and you are able to get along alot better with your comp and when you get along with him the work goes better and it is easier to teach with the spirit, and do the Lords work because you are having fun. All the missionaries out here tell me there is no point in being out here if you don't know how to have fun while doing the work. Well, I really didn't think this was going to happen but I got transfered. I was shocked. I have only been here in Amerillo for a month and half and thought I would be staying another transfer. I was sent way down south to Alpine, Texas. It is on the very boarder of the mission, the Mexican boarder. I feel way cool about that. I am in a city of about 6,000 people . I have a new companion his name is Elder Rymer, he is way cool, I love that guy. I think we are going to get alot done here. I am pretty excited about that. Well, how is everything back home? Is Laurin back from Utah? How is Kacie's new job going? Hey! Mom! I was wondering if you can send me my baseball blanket that you made for me? Thank's so much for the fudge, it was amazing. Hey! Dad! I agree with you on this modern Technology it is getting pretty crazy, just think what it will be like when I get home. You and me will both have to get used to it, lol. My week has been pretty crazy with the transfer. I am only about an hour and half from the mexican boarder. Dad thanks for the quotes. That is true. People are intrested in the motivation that you have and how happy you are. The people want to know what makes you like that when they meet you. I always try to be positive and have a smile on my face. I really like the last quote you shared with me: " A team dosen't win the championship if it's players are working from different agendas!" Never Surrender!! We are on our Heavenly Father's team. We have the potential with His help and our faith to work great miracles, if we have the same agenda that He does. We will not fail, We can not fail. If we do then Satan has the victor's crown. Thanks Dad. I am doing pretty good. I am a little homesick again because these transfers are kind of hard because they are just like starting your mission off again. I was just getting used to the Amerillo area. It's tough but I am tough. I was kind of bummed that I didn't get close to a tornado,lol. They dont have them down here. We were getting a few members to help us out up there in Amerillo. Alot of them didn't trust the missionaries because of the past ones. We were feeling like we were building their trust again just before I got transfered. Other than that, things are going way good here and I look forward to this new area and getting comfortable. Hope all is well at home.
Love ya lots! Your the best! Love Elder Eppich

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