President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Thursday, May 27, 2010

!st Week in Alpine, Texas

Hey! Mom;

Really! You guys lost all of your letter for today? That's not good. It's ok if Dad dosen't get a letter out to me this week I will understand. We have next week. Even though I really like to hear from Dad because his letters are very encouraging. I know about boxing ears sometimes, that is how it feels sometimes with companions. But you learn to get over it. I did get the package Mom, thank you very much for the blanket I love that thing so much. I have been using a members blanket lately, lol. Now I can give it back to them, lol. Thank's for the cookies, they are way awesome. I really do need an electric razor. I could use 2 more white shirts. The short sleeve ones and fitted. All my shirts are to big for me. I didn't get the music CD's that Kacie sent but my last companion is sending them down to me so I should get them sometime soon, so tell her not to worry, at least I think they should be here soon,lol. No, I haven't gotten a letter from Kel yet, it would be really nice to get one from him. I haven't heard from him since I was in the MTC so it has been a long time. Can you please tell him I would love to hear from him, I know he is busy but it doesn't have to be a long one, I just want to know how he is doing and what he is up to. Well this new area is so awesome, I love it so much. I would never live here but it is such an awesome place to serve. Everyone is so missionary minded and everyone is nice for the most part. I got fed more in one day here than I did the whole transfer in Amerillo, lol. There is this one family that is so cool, they are the Ellises, they are way cool. They have 2 kids that just got baptized, the older one is 17 and the other one is 15. They love baseball, the older ones name is Ryan and me and him get along so good. It is awesome. My new companion is way cool, I love that kid, he is way funny and he is a hard worker. He has only 5 months left on his mission, his name is Elder Rymer. My apartment is kind of small but it is not bad. Yes! we live by a golf course and I really want to go but it is kind of spendy, lol. We live right below the college but they are out of school so there isn't really anyone at the school. We do live in the 3 story apartments. Everyday has been hot here except for like one, it has been around 85 degrees. Mom thanks for the scripture: Alma 1:26. Alot of pepole out here think that we think we are better than them, but it is not true, just like you said, we are just striving for a better life, which makes us become a better person, but not better than anyone else. Thanks! That's good that everyone is doing good. I haven't really heard from any of the kids lately but I understand everyone is busy but it would be nice just to know how everyone is doing. Well I better get going. Oh! Ya! just to let you know , we white washed in this area so we are both new here, lol. That means President took everyone out and all brand new missionaries came in. Well I love you lot's Mom, I hope everything is going good.
Love Eldr Eppich

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