President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Slow Week, Sick Companion

Hey! Dad;
Yah! I was pretty upset that I didn't get to see the tornado when I heard the alarm, everyone was kind of getting nervous and I got excited, I couldn't wait to see it. I was like, "Where was my camera". lol Well everything is going pretty good. The past few days haven't been all that great because Elder Colton has been sick so we have been inside most of the week. I have been getting all this energy built up inside I don't know what to do with all of it. lol. About our investigators, most of them are progressing, we usually have about 2 of them to church every week so that is good and we pray with them whenever we teach them a lesson. I think that one of them is really close to baptism but last time I said that it never happened so let's hope that it will this time. Well today for P-day we are going to Texas Firehouse. It is a resturaunt and I guess it is supposed to be way good, so I am pretty excited about that, lol. Well about my companion, we are about the same size, he has been out 17 months. I think he has been in about 9 areas or something like that. I can't remember. He is from Wyoming and he is a red head. He is kind of hard to get along with but I am able to manage. lol. We have district meeting every week. It is way awesome because I am starting to get pretty good at teaching and all the elders at district meeting say I am doing amazing for how short I have been out, lol. That encouragement helps. We have a zone conference every transfer, we already had it for this one, it was way good. Well I hope all is going good, I am glad work is starting to pick up a little. Love you lots Dad. Hey! Can you and mom take pictures of back home and send them, that would be awesome, thanks! Love ya

Hey! Mom
How is it going? Everything is going pretty good here. It has been kind of a down week because Elder Colton has been sick so we have been staying inside most of the time and it is driving me nuts. All I do is sit there and study, and I get all of this energy built up inside but I can't let it out so yesterday when we finally got out of the house I was going crazy. I was on my bike hitting every jump I could find and enjoying myself. I know you probably didn't want to hear about me jumping the bike but I couldn't help myself, lol. Knocking doors was actually kind of fun this time because I hadn't got to do it for ever, lol. I am still way happy about the bike, it is an awesome bike. One of the guys in my ward is a big bike rider and he said my bike was good one so I am pretty happy about that. Well about Utah, so was Rex better this time then the last time that we went down when you guys took me to the MTC? I hope so. Could you get pictures in the mail as soon as you can because I have been waiting for some but they haven't been I have a confession to make too. I want to be able to send pictures in this e-mail but I forgot my camera again, sorry. We are going to Wal-Mart tomorrow and I will go get them printed off and I will send a whole bunch home, ok. Well I am glad that Kacie is way happy about moving , that is way awesome that she is excited. I hope everything works out how she planned it to. So your going to go see Kel and Mel. Tell Kel that he needs to write me back because I haven't gotten a letter from him in like 3 weeks. Oh, the scriptures are the right ones, I like them alot. I just have to work them in. It is just like a new ball glove. You practice with it but in the game you use the old one you have used the whole time and you slowly work in the new glove. So I am slowly working in the new scriptures, Thanks! Mom I am sure your calling will go great. The lord wouldn't have called you if he didn't think you were ready. I know you will do great just have faith and include the Lord in all that you are doing and he ill help you with everything you need. I have found that out while being on my mission. So your going to build the house up on the hill, that's way awesome. I knew you and Dad would make the right choice, lol. Well I will tell you a little bit about whats going on. We still have't had a baptism but we are getting close, there is a girl named Monica that we are teaching and we went to her house last night and asked her if she was ready to take the step and she said yes, so let' hope that works out. Our ward is alright in size about 180 people, but they don't help us out much. We went to one members house and they got mad at us for coming over, so the members don't help out a whole lot here. It has been a year since the last baptism in this ward. Well I better get going. Love ya lots Mom, can't wait until next Sunday. I will send some pic's tomorrow . Love Elder Eppich

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