President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another new companion !!!

Hey! Mom & Dad;

This week has been pretty good actually. A lot has been happening, I am kind of sad cuz Elder Shaffer has been transfered, he is now in Lubbock. I have been getting new comps almost every transfer, it kind of get's annoying because we just get going and then a new one comes in, but there is probably a good reason why Pres. is sharing the wealth with me. I really shouldn't be complaining to much. lol. My new comp's name is Elder Mulcock. He is from West Jordan. He went to Canada Mission. He got pretty sick, he was only there 6 weeks and came home for 6 months and is here in the Texas, Lubbock mission for 4 days now. So I guess you could say that I am kind of training him and helping him get going with a fresh start. He is a real funny guy and we have so much work here to do in Midland, we will do well together. Elder Reay had his surgery about 2 days ago. He called to talk to me and how the mission is going. He is home to heal now for 3 - 6 months. I sure hope it is only 3 months. He wants to see if Pres will let us serve together when he gets back out to give him a good start again. I am sure Pres. will do what is right for both of us. That would be legit to serve with him. He is such a spiritual guy. Mom, could you try again to get ahold of an address for Marcus Kidder. I really need to write that guy. It is kind of weird but I have only written about 2 letters in the past 2 weeks. We have been working so hard that all we do is Work, eat ( a little) and sleep, we are so tired when we get in we just drop. Our p-days are so busy , the weeks become days. Progress is going great here in Midland. We haven't been able to go see the lady that stopped us on the street. She set up an appointment with us at her Mom's place yesterday, so we stopped by and she came out of her Mom's home and said we will have to do it another time because her mother dosen't want us in her home. So we are going to try and catch her at her house one of these days. I hope sooner than later, lol. Well all the other investigators are doing pretty good, we are actually going to be setting a date tonight with a family for the 20th of November. I hope that goes through pretty good. Steve is still solid with his date, so I am pretty excited about that. We have a lesson with him tomorrow so we will have to wait and see how that all goes. I am pretty sure he will keep his date though. There is another kid that we taught on Saturday that we set a date with. Oh man, was that an awesome lesson. He said that we showed him that God still loves him so that was way tight. He even said that he would switch his day off to Saturday just so he can go to church with us. I will let you know more details on that later. So, things are going pretty good here. I finally got a companion that likes to golf. I am pretty stoked about that. I can't wait to go golfing now. That's going to be a blast so we will have to see if I still have any A game, lol. Dad, thanks for the encouragement. It is so true that we just need to slow down and smell the roses. That reminds me of President Uchtdorf's talk when he said "that we just need to all slow down so we can see what we have around us and take the time to listen to the Holy Ghost and what he is trying to tell us. If we are going 100 mph we will not be able to hear the Holy Ghost prompt us. I sure agree with you on that one Dad. Well I had better get going. I love ya lots. Look forward to talking to everyone at Christmas. It will be a blast! Love ya lots! Take Care.
Love Elder Eppich

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