President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Midland Texas still warm

Hey! Dad & Mom;

Well I can't believe that you guys are getting ready for the winter up there. We are still in the 80's here. I don't think that is fair, lol. I am going to miss the snow and everything this year. They did tell me that they might get a few inches here every so often but it melts with in the first few hours of the snow hitting the ground. So no snowball fights here. One of the things that I really hate here is the wind. Especially when we are riding bikes. The other day it was about 50 mph wind and we were pretty much going backwards. It was not cool at all. Frustrating! My eyes were full of dust and everything, lol. Things are going way good here in Midland. Second ward is about to blow up. We should have about 6 baptisms in November. I hope and pray that it all goes through like I want it to. Doesnt' always happen that way but we can sure hope for it. Monday was a pretty tight day. This lady pretty much asked us to give her the discussions. Oh! That was a shocker for us. I was like, "Yah! YOU CAN TAKE THE LESSONS, LOL. Man was I happy. Then on Tuesday we went knocking and this black kid let us in and then his friend showed up and we started teaching them the restoration and at the end they were like, WOW, that was an amazing lesson and his friend was like , WoW I know that was meant for me, I wouldn't of shown up when I did. We extended a date with them for the 20 of November so I hope that it goes through. I can't believe they are finally starting on the baseball field. Really, all of us ball players like the old field because we don't have so much wind down there. Pretty awesome that they are doing it anyway. Should be all done when I get home. Yes, Dad we have been playing a bit of football on p-days. It is pretty fun except for 3 days afterwards, I hurt so bad, I feel old. Well I had better go. We are so busy right now it seems like I just fall right in bed with my clothes on because I am so tired. We are real happy with how things are going in the mission though. I am almost out 8 months. Time has just been flying by. I think it will be a bit harder during the holiday season but it will be all good. Getting to call home will be great. Better get going, we have lessons scheduled tonight and some football to play. Ya'll all take care. Remember, I love ya all.
Love Elder Eppich

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