President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

President & Sister Robinson & Elder Eppich

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mission is doing great!

Hey! Mom: We have been a little off lately. That is all my fault I am really sorry about that. We are not really able to judge exactly when we are going to be on the computer or not. We do have to drive another set of missionaries around and they are kind of slow, so never know when I am going to be here to e-mail. I will try better though. Well, my bike is doing pretty good. I have had some troubles with it though. Ever since the crash my wheels have been kind of off so I went and had them fix it the best that they could. My shocks were not really working at all so they had to fix them also. I had to get a back light because we are riding bikes pretty much everyday and we ride them at night sometimes so I had to get a back light because I almost got hit a couple of times because the people couldn't see me. I figured that would be a good investiment, wouldn't you say? lol Mom, we do have a place for a small tree. My comp and I were going to go get a few lights to put up in our room to bring the holiday in, lol. I am sure this will be a sight to see since I wasn't very good at helping with the Christmas decorations, lol. Thanks that would be awesome.
The baptism that was scheduled for Nov. 20th is not going through right now. We will move on and hopefully we planted a seed of knowledge of the gospel. So many people have the wrong ideas about the church, it is amazing some of the things you hear about us. I appreciate it when people come to those that live their religion. Oh well. I did hear from Daniel, he is pretty excited to be able to come for Thanksgiving. Hope that works out for him. He is pretty shy at first until you get to know him. You will have lots of fun with him. I am so gratful to know him. Sounds like things went well for Briar's baptism. I am so happy for him. I know there will be alot of opposition for him but it will make him stronger. I don't think I have ever seen Briar cry so he must of been feeling the spirit very strong. Thanks to all of you for being such a good example to him. I am sure he can already feel the change in his life. Mom I am sure you did an amazing job speaking, you always do. I am sending Elder Reay's phone number so you can contact him. I think he is doing great and hoping to get back out on the mission soon. Love that guy. Pres. gave me permission to keep in contact with him, to check up on him and make sure he is doing good. As far as Marcus I just want to know that he is ok. I am worried about him and would like to hear from him so I will send some peoples names that may know how to get ahold of him. Thanks for doing that. We are doing great in the Midland 2nd ward. We had a family stop us the other day and ask us if we would come over to teach them and have dinner. They are so awesome. We are very excited to meet with them. I love the fact that people just want to know about what we stand for. Maybe it isn't right for them at the time in their lives but they want to know and pray about it. I am so thankful that they come to us to find out and not another church that doesen't know. Christmas is almost here. Wow! It will be fun here in the mission. I am excited to call and talk to everyone. As far as candy, I love reeses, sour patches, and Sister Shultzes candy, I love all of her stuff, I look forward to that every year. Just some ties would be great too.
Well I had better sign off, our time is almost up and we are headed out to get stuff done and play some football today. We look forward to that activity. I am pretty tired right now, we had training for 2 days here. 8 hours a day and it was for Zone Leaders and District leaders so I was so exhausted but it was SO LEGIT I am ready to have another training. These guys that train are so good. It helps us out alot out in the field. Mom thanks for sending the coat, I am going to need this soon. Oh! I saw that cake Kacie and Laurin made. That was so awesome! Sign those cake girls up for my birthday. How long did that take them? I better run our time is up. Love ya Mom you take care. Tell Dad I love him so much and to take care also.
Love Elder Eppich

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